Hacienda Doka Tours

Corporate Activities

Services and products to private and public companies, institutions (educational: schools, colleges and universities) or organizations interested in training or recreation activities that promote the integration and enjoyment of their employees.

Among the activities carried out are:

  • Experiential playful training (low ropes, high ropes, survivor workshops, sports coaching, musical workshops, theater workshops, among others),
  • Master training on topics such as: leadership, teamwork, business coaching, executive coaching, individual coaching, management by competence.
  • Tailor-made and themed workshops.
  • Experiential Playful Training

  • Topics: customer service, conflict resolution, organizational culture and climate management, strategic planning, business values, among others.
  • Team Building Doka Challenge: high and low ropes park.
  • Innovative and specialized workshops tailored to your needs.
  • High Strings and Low Strings

    Doka has a high and low ropes park which is used for the development of recreational activities, which are carried out with the help of different elements categorized into: low elements and high elements. In these dynamics, the facilitators direct the attendees to improve their understanding of different experiential scenarios of a work type, which the result is to become a leader of change.

    During the activities an evolution of each individual is presented where they go from a comfort behavior to a state of analytical maturity and a proactive action. The limits will vary from person to person, therefore all the challenges to be carried out are previously studied to project the required learning and to be able to exceed the client’s expectations.

    Master training, tailor-made and thematic workshops:

  • Sports coaching
  • Survivor
  • Basic processes in Human Resources (recruitment and selection, psychometric tests, development of induction courses, advice on incentive programs, among others)
  • Group or individual coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Theatrical workshops, on organizational behavior issues.
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