Hacienda Doka

Espresso Italiano Dark Roast - 6-Pack

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Tres Generaciones Espresso Italiano (Type): Ground |350 G

Experience the full-bodied intensity of our Espresso Italiano Dark Roast with this 6-pack selection. Grown in the rich volcanic soils of Costa Rica’s Poás region, each bean is roasted to dark perfection to reduce acidity and enhance the robust body and flavors. Perfect for espresso aficionados and versatile enough for various brewing methods, this pack promises a truly bold coffee experience. Enjoy the essence of Costa Rican espresso in every sip.




Hacienda Doka Estate, Sabanilla, Costa Rica


1350 - 1410 m.s.n.m

Tres Generaciones Espresso Italiano (Type): Ground |350 G