Where Tradition Meets Exceptional Costa Rican Coffee.

About Hacienda Doka: A Tradition of Excellence in Costa Rican Coffee

Welcome to Hacienda Doka, a name synonymous with the finest Costa Rican coffee and a legacy woven into the fabric of Costa Rica's rich coffee history. Our estate represents the culmination of decades of passion, expertise, and a deep-rooted commitment to quality.

Our Story: Rooted in Rich Tradition

The journey of Hacienda Doka began with a vision to cultivate not just coffee, but a tradition that honors the rich coffee heritage of Costa Rica. Our founders, with their profound passion for coffee, laid the foundation of an estate that today stands as a testament to quality and sustainability. Nestled in the fertile lands of Costa Rica, Hacienda Doka has become a sanctuary where the art of coffee growing is preserved and cherished.

The Hacienda Doka Experience: Beyond Coffee

While we are renowned for our exceptional coffee, Hacienda Doka offers much more. It's a place where visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of our lush coffee fields, learn about the meticulous process of coffee production, and witness the harmony of tradition and innovation. Our estate is not just a coffee plantation; it's a destination where the spirit of Costa Rican hospitality and culture is palpable.

The Flavor of Hacienda Doka: A Promise of Quality

Every cup of Hacienda Doka coffee is a promise of unparalleled quality. From the careful selection of beans to the precise art of roasting, we ensure that each sip delivers the rich, aromatic flavors that Costa Rican coffee is known for. Our coffee is not just a beverage; it's an experience that reflects the heart and soul of Hacienda Doka.

Join Us at Hacienda Doka

We invite you to visit Hacienda Doka and embark on a journey through the world of authentic Costa Rican coffee. Whether it's through a guided tour, a tasting session, or simply enjoying the serene beauty of our estate, a visit to Hacienda Doka is an experience you will cherish.