Coffee Tour Experience

Hacienda Doka Ultimate Coffee & Nature Experience: Immerse in Costa Rica's Coffee and Natural Wonders

Join us for the Hacienda Doka Ultimate Coffee & Nature Experience, an exceptional one-day journey that captures the core of Costa Rican culture. This unparalleled tour uniquely combines Costa Rica's rich coffee heritage with the breathtaking beauty of its natural landscapes. Experience the art of coffee and the splendor of nature in one day, tailored for both coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers. Celebrate the essential elements that make Costa Rica an extraordinary destination.


Embark on a Unique Journey: From the Tranquility of Waterfalls to the Richness of Coffee

Tour Details:

Doka Poas, Poás, Alajuela, Costa Rica. Immerse yourself in an experience that harmoniously combines the essence of Costa Rica’s coffee culture with its splendid natural beauty.
Opening time: Every day. From 6 a.m. onwards
10-12 hours hours approximately.
A day-long journey combining an in-depth exploration of Costa Rican coffee, from cultivation to cup, with visits to the country's stunning natural landscapes. This enriching tour offers the best of both worlds.

About the tour:

Embrace the Essence of Costa Rican Coffee Tradition

Part 1:

Poás Volcano Adventure: 

Begin your journey with a trip to the magnificent Poás Volcano. Experience the grandeur of its active crater and the serene Botos Lagoon, offering a unique perspective on Costa Rica's volcanic landscapes.

Part 2:

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Visit:

Transition to the serenity of La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Explore lush gardens, marvel at majestic waterfalls, and encounter Costa Rica's diverse wildlife in this tranquil part of the tour.

Part 3:

Hacienda Doka Coffee Tour: 

Continue with an immersive coffee experience at Hacienda Doka. From the seedbed to our Heritage Processing Plant, discover the secrets of coffee production, culminating with a tasting of eight distinct coffee blends in our gift shop.

Savor the Finale at Our Gift Shop:

Conclude your tour with a visit to our gift shop. Sample eight unique blends, each carefully crafted to represent the essence of Hacienda Doka’s coffee expertise.

This experience is more than a tour; it's an immersion into the heart of Costa Rican culture. Join us for a day filled with diverse experiences, exploring the best of Costa Rican coffee and natural wonders.