Coffee Tour Experience

Hacienda Doka Coffee Tour: Best Coffee Experience in Costa Rica

Embark on an Extraordinary Coffee Adventure at Hacienda Doka Join us for a unique one-day experience that stands out as the best coffee tour in Costa Rica. Delve into the world of coffee, surrounded by the lush beauty of Hacienda Doka, and discover why our tour is a must-do for every coffee enthusiast and nature lover.


Tour Details:

Doka Poas, Poás, Alajuela, Costa Rica - Immerse yourself in the heart of Costa Rica’s coffee region, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery and the rich aroma of coffee cherries.
Opening time: Monday-Friday At 8:00 AM To 3:30 PM. | Saturday-Sunday At 8:00 AM To 2:30 PM.
1 hour approximately.
An immersive coffee journey that takes you from the vibrant seedbeds to the aromatic roasting rooms. Experience the magic of Costa Rican coffee through each step of its journey, enhanced by the stunning backdrop of our plantation.

About the tour:

Embrace the Essence of Costa Rican Coffee Tradition

Discover the Art of Coffee Making: 

Our expert guides will lead you through Hacienda Doka’s rich coffee heritage, starting at the seedbed where the journey of every coffee bean begins. Explore diverse plant varieties and their growth cycles, and learn about the local history that has shaped our coffee culture.

Step into History at Our Heritage Processing Plant:

Recognized as an Architectural Heritage for Humanity in 2003, our processing plant is where coffee cherries undergo their remarkable transformation. Witness traditional de-pulping and fermenting processes that are crucial to crafting our premium coffee.

Explore Hacienda Doka Coffee: 

The heart of our tour lies in the Hacienda Doka Coffee roasting plant. Here, you'll explore the art of roasting and learn about our variety of roasts. Each blend tells a unique story, contributing to the distinct flavor and aroma of our coffee.

Savor the Finale at Our Gift Shop:

Conclude your tour with a visit to our gift shop. Sample eight unique blends, each carefully crafted to represent the essence of Hacienda Doka’s coffee expertise.

Book Your Unforgettable Coffee Experience Today Join us at Hacienda Doka for a day filled with rich flavors and natural beauty. Discover the soul of Costa Rican coffee and create memories that will last a lifetime.