Café Hacienda Doka Del Patio


Type: Ground | 340g
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Introducing Café Hacienda Doka Del Patio, a light roast coffee that captures the essence of Costa Rica’s sun-drenched patios. This coffee is defined by its unique double sun-drying process, offering a fresh and invigorating aroma that delights the palate.
ROAST LEVEL: Light Roast


Hacienda Doka Estate, Sabanilla, Costa Rica


1350 - 1410 m.s.n.m

Type: Ground | 340g

Why Café Hacienda Doka Del Patio is Special:

Double Sun-Dried Process:

Our beans undergo a natural sun-drying process, not once but twice, allowing them to absorb more natural sugars from the cherry. This extended exposure to the sun gently breaks down the fruit, enabling a unique exchange of molecules between the bean and the cherry.

Unique Flavor Filtration:

This process results in the flavors being intricately filtrated into the seeds, endowing our coffee with distinctive attributes.

Light Roast, Rich Experience: 

The light roast of Del Patio coffee highlights its natural sweetness and complex flavor profile, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a gentler, yet flavorful coffee experience.

Grown and Processed with Precision

At Hacienda Doka, we take great pride in our meticulous approach to coffee production. Café Hacienda Doka Del Patio is a testament to this precision. Each bean is carefully nurtured and processed on our estate, ensuring that the unique characteristics developed through our double sun-drying process are perfectly preserved.

Reflecting the Purity and Integrity of Our Process

In every bean of the Café Hacienda Doka Breakfast Blend, there is a story of dedication and passion for coffee cultivation. This blend is a result of our commitment to maintaining the highest standards in every step of our process, from the careful cultivation of coffee cherries to the meticulous art of roasting.