Café Hacienda Doka Decaf


Type: Ground | 340g
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Discover the deep and fulfilling flavor of Café Hacienda Doka Decaf. This dark roast coffee transcends the usual expectations of decaffeinated brews, offering a unique depth of flavor complemented by a subtle freshness. Perfect for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the taste but are mindful of their caffeine intake.


Hacienda Doka Estate, Sabanilla, Costa Rica


1350 - 1410 m.s.n.m

Type: Ground | 340g

Key Highlights of Café Hacienda Doka Decaf:

Decaffeination Method:

Utilizing the indirect water method, we gently remove caffeine while meticulously preserving the beans' natural flavors and aromas.

Rich Dark Roast Profile:

Despite being decaffeinated, our blend retains a full-bodied flavor, bringing a depth and richness that delights coffee lovers.

Perfect for All-Day Enjoyment:

Our decaf blend is suited for enjoyment throughout the day, from a morning coffee ritual to a relaxing evening cup.

Crafted with Dedication and Care:

At Hacienda Doka, our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our coffee production. Our Decaf blend, in particular, is a symbol of our dedication to delivering exceptional coffee experiences. Each bean is cultivated and processed with utmost care, ensuring that it maintains its exquisite flavor profile, setting our decaf apart in the world of decaffeinated coffees.

Mindful Indulgence for Coffee Lovers:

Café Hacienda Doka Decaf is more than just a coffee choice; it's a mindful decision for those sensitive to caffeine or seeking to moderate their intake. With each cup, enjoy the luxurious taste of a premium dark roast, perfect for savoring the rich coffee experience at any moment, all while aligning with your wellness and lifestyle preferences.