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Explore the Heart of Costa Rican Coffee Culture: Our First Blog Post at Hacienda Doka

Explore the Heart of Costa Rican Coffee Culture: Our First Blog Post at Hacienda Doka

Welcome to our inaugural blog post! At Hacienda Doka, located in the lush Poás region and home to Costa Rica’s oldest coffee mill, we are excited to share insights into the vibrant world of our coffee estate through this new platform.


Unveiling Hacienda Doka

Our estate blends rich heritage with modern innovation in coffee cultivation. As a living museum of coffee history, Hacienda Doka offers visitors a unique glimpse into the traditional and contemporary coffee production processes.

Sustainable Practices and Coffee Mastery

Sustainability is central to our operations. We're dedicated to preserving our environment and enhancing local biodiversity, all while cultivating coffee in the nutrient-rich volcanic soils of Poás. Our tours not only showcase these practices but also guide guests through the sensory experiences of our distinct coffee flavors during tasting sessions at our café.

Why Visit Hacienda Doka?

Hacienda Doka is more than just a coffee estate; it’s a comprehensive experience offering a deep dive into the history, technology, and sustainable practices of coffee production. It's an educational adventure that enriches your understanding of Costa Rican coffee culture.

Be Part of Our Story

We invite you to follow our blog, visit our estate, and immerse yourself in everything Hacienda Doka has to offer. Whether you’re a coffee lover or just curious about our craft, we’re eager to welcome you and share the unique aspects of our coffee and community.

Stay tuned for more engaging content, including behind-the-scenes looks, updates, and stories that connect you further with our community.

Plan your visit or explore our coffees online to discover the true taste and tradition of Hacienda Doka.


Thank you for joining us on this journey!

-The Hacienda Doka Team

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